Dan Dao Zhizun

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Release: 2023-12-22 00:00:00 JST

In the ancient medicine continent, there are thousands of races, and the alchemist is revered. The Yin and Yang Alchemy God Su Beihuang spent all his efforts to refine the divine elixir, but was plotted by the beauty, integrated with the elixir and hidden for a hundred years. A hundred years later, his descendant Su Beitian was humiliated but still resisted tenaciously. He unexpectedly received the inheritance of the Alchemy God and returned with domineering power! Awakening the dual martial arts of ice and fire, practicing alchemy again, and becoming a young hero. As the truth behind his mother's disappearance is investigated, conspiracies gradually emerge. Let’s see Su Beitian go through many disasters, explore the extremes of martial arts, and become the supreme master of alchemy! (Source: Iqiyi, Google translated)

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